Friday, November 4, 2011

Who I am...

I saw a challenge on Twitter where one of the people I follow challenged folks to write down everything they truly believe they bring to the table in a relationship. Since this type of thing goes right in line with my quest to becoming Mrs. Right, I decided to take it. Here's what I can honestly say I can bring to a relationship TODAY.

I am submitted to God
I am dependable
I am responsible
I am Giving
I am Loyal
I am Nice
I am resourceful
I am hard working
I am willing to share
I don't have secrets that I'm not willing to share w/my partner
I am smart and make good decisions
I am a good listener
I live a pretty quiet and drama free life
I'm fun
I'm not a party girl
I have a good reputation
I am sincerely working towards developing a Christ-like character
I am serious
I am supportive
I put others before myself
I am protective
I am passionate
I am Consistent
I am Affectionate
I am Compassionate
I am optimistic
I am successful
I am Healthy & Physically fit
I take care of myself
I am faithful
I am independent (but want to depend on someone)
I am dedicated
I am attractive
I am modest
I am honest
I know what I want
I am willing to use my resources for the advancement of us
I am willing to work WITH a man
I am communicative and open
I am willing to share my emotions and let someone in
I am not materialistic
I am willing to please
I am willing to yield
I am flexible
I am happy
I am funny
I am forgiving
I am prayerful
I am willing to share
I am intelligent
I am educated
I am friendly
I can cook
I keep a clean home
I'm not frivolous
I am respectful
I am self aware
I can get along with anyone and fit in most places
I can hold a conversation
I am intellectually curious, stimulating and engaging
I am open to constructive feedback
I desire to be a mother, teacher to my children, caregiver and family matriach
I am strong and sound minded (mentally, emotionally, spiritually)BLESS THE LORD!
I am well rounded
I am balanced
I am sensual
I am trustworthy
I am romantic
I am challenging
I am chaste
I am career driven but not career obsessed
I am family-oriented
I am open-minded

I am also willing to be challenged in any of these areas. So if I find I'm not living up to them, I will gladly do better. I already know that I need to work on being more Patient, that's why I omitted that from the list. Lol! But by God's grace, I will get there. I'm also skeptical about whether this list should be this long. Am I tooting my own horn? I'm inclined to think that relationships require a lot of these intangibles to be successful; especially a marrriage and I'm happy to know (in my heart) that I posses the qualities above. I'm certainly not above reproach or further refinement, but the core foundation is there and being devloped even more each day.