Friday, February 24, 2012

Random Thoughts-Friday Night Worship Edition

1. I'm reclaiming my Friday nights!
2. No more staying at work until 10pm, avoiding the thick presence of "loneliness" that awaits me at home.
3. Theres something about the close of the work week, the decrease in Facebook and Twitter updates that reminds me that I have no family of my own to spend the weekend with.
4. But indeed I have the Lord at my side. I am never alone.
5. Tonight I came home, had a great workout. Now I'm listening to worship music.
6. I'm preparing to enter into His presence and read the Word.
7. I'm going to read the entire Bible from cover to cover this year!
8. I'm tired tonight. Eyes burning!
9. I'm not Catholic and not really a fan of religious practices but I believe Lent can be quietly observed as a time of denying the flesh (fasting) by any believer and used as a time to press harder into the things of God.
10. So that's my purpose for observing. I don't choose to broadcast what I'm "giving up".
11. My brother is the only person I shared with. As he also shared with me. I really love my brother. He's a courageous man of God, a legit husband and great Dad.
12. I was supposed to go to a marriage enrichment seminar that started tonight at my church. "Singles" were invited.
13. I guess I didn't want to go that bad, I only remembered as I was taking my post workout shower. Lol! They can have my money as a donation for the guest speakers. They are from South Africa & they are awesome!
14. There is no condemnation. I'm purposefully not going tomorrow either.
15. I want to go for a long run, wash my car, get an oil change. Relax and read my Word. Maybe hit the mall...i need some beauty products and an iPhone case.
16. Speaking of marriage, sometimes I wonder if I'll ever have sex again. Sometimes I miss having sex...and I think about it
17....and then I repent.
18. I miss "him"; as much trash as I talk about him, or try and pretend I'm so over him. I miss his voice. I dig his super masculine energy. I would like to get to know him better. Maybe spend more time together...I think we both misunderstood each other.
19. We never even kissed. Sometimes, I wish we had. Just once...nothing too intense...gently.
20. I want to know what his lips taste like. They look soft.
21. My lips are bigger than his. For some reason I always consider that fact! Lol!
22. I wish he REALLY wanted me. But he doesn't. It's ok. Someday, somebody (great) will...and they will be blessed to have me.
23. I'll be stronger, better and wiser after these 40 days.
24. God is good! He will take care of me.
25. I got promoted at work...I'm now head of the IT department. Took me 6 years. My journey has been incredible!
26. I practically built this company on my back. I went from the receptionist, to the BOSs! Literally...Wow, look at God!!!!
27. I'm super smart, talented, blessed with skills and I work hard. I'm excited about my future. Hallelujah!
28. I hope I can keep up the work of staying in shape so I can bless my husband with my banging's SO on point right now. Glory! (:)
29. My hope is in the Lord. Before I was even conceived He had a plan to give me hope and a future. He loves me with an everlasting love.
30...and I love Him too.
31. That's enough rambling for now. Time to get into this Word.
32. Speaking of rambling, I wish I didn't "preach" so much. I'm just really passionate and I love to encourage people in the Lord and share His goodness!
33. I witnessed to this homeless man by my job recently. His name is Harold and he suffers from schizophrenia. Some days I see him, I speak, and I can tell from the look in his eyes that he has no clue who I am. Other days he sees me from afar and calls me out by name.
34. I bind that spirit of schizophrenia in Jesus's name!
35. Harold is only on the streets for a short time. He is going into a faith based men's shelter in Baltimore soon, where he is going to get job training.
36. He believes in Jesus Christ and he believes God is helping him get his life back! Glory!
37. I pray for Harold a lot.

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T.C. said...

CONGRATS!!!! that's truly a wonderful story to tell and to share!!! from receptionist to the BOSS that's on point!
I personally don't think you preach to much, we all need friends that will hold us accountable and you do that for me! you do truly encourage others and that is a BLESSING....